Pre- and Post-Conference Workshop Proposals

The 2022 Lameness in Ruminants (LIR) program committee is calling for pre- and post-conference seminar proposals for the 21st Lameness Symposium and 13th International Lameness in Ruminants Conference in Bloomington, Minnesota USA. Pre-conference seminars will take place Tuesday morning, August 2, 2022 and will have access to hotel conference rooms and University of Minnesota facilities. Seminars including contact with animals should be proposed for Friday August 5th to meet USDA biosecurity requirements.

Pre- and post-conference seminars should provide an in-depth, high-quality exploration of topics related to hoof health management in ruminants. The workshops are standalone components of the conference, budgeted independently of the general conference fees and cost neutral. Interested individuals or companies should contact Gerard Cramer ( or Arturo Gomez  ( before October 31st, 2021 to discuss opportunities and required resources. Please include a completed budget template available at the link below.

The LIR 2022 program committee will select proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Availability of resources including transportation and space requirements
  • Financial viability
  • Fit with conference theme of “Embracing Excellence in Mobility and Wellbeing”
  • Providing a mix of herd and individual level content related to beef, dairy or small ruminants hoof health.

All submissions must be completed using the online seminar proposal portal (link below). Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered. The deadline to submit a proposal is October 31st, 2021, at 5 pm CST.

Seminars accepted for participation in the conference will be notified by December 31st, 2021.

Up to two faculty in accepted seminars will receive complementary registration to the main conference program. All other speaker and related expenses should be part of the workshop budget. Registration for pre- and post-conference seminars is expected to open February 1st, 2022. Seminars that do not meet the minimum # of registrants by May 31st, 2022 will be cancelled and fees returned to the registrants.

Further details on Eligibility Criteria for Workshops:

  • The topic/content must be unique. If two similar proposals are submitted, the first one submitted will be selected for inclusion in the program.
  • The objective of the workshop is to actively engage participants, therefore it must include applied exchange of knowledge in some format including, but not limited to, on farm practice, written exercises, lab participation, attendee discussion, etc.
  • The content of the workshop must have a relevant scientific basis. Commercial products could be used or showed, but it must not be the sole focus of the workshop.
  • A short description of the workshop scope and content, and an outline of the workshop program and speakers should be provided to evaluate suitability.
  • Logistics needs should be indicated (farm, lab space, screen and projector, seating layout…)
  • A budget using the provided template should be provided, including a minimum number of participants to breakeven.